The project’s birth – October 2017

During 6 months, in Versailles’ architecture school, 4 students
(Barthélémy, Clément, Julien and Marius) worked on the conception of a campus located in the middle of the desert, made from local and renewable resources.


The idea


The 4 architects gradually  focused on the use of plastic waste as a potential construction material. 

In february 2017, their project ended with the idea of creating flooring made from plastic waste collected in nature and oceans, sorted by colour. 

The beginning



Their first intention was to conceive an nonprofit project to continue their experiences on plastic waste. They had one goal : do good, implement a virtuous project which would be a contribution to plastic waste’s global issue. 

The awareness of the problem’ sweep

Quickly, the young architects realized the extent of the problem and came to the conclusion that it made more sense to build an enterprise rather than a non-profit — to face this challenge head-on and scale their impact.  

They created SASMinimum and the project : Le Pavé.




Today, our team works to improve Le Pavé. Using plastic waste, we create a sustainable and premium up-recycled material that you can use in your projects, cleaning at the same time our planet from plastic waste. 

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From plastic waste to
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