The global problem of plastic

More than 7 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.

7 million.

This equates to 70 000 Eiffel towers.

This huge mass of plastic, which continues to grow every year, is due to the underestimation of its potential. With the adoption of a disposable mentality, society overlooks the opportunity to re-use plastic in design. 

Underestimated plastic waste 

The frequent recycling of a plastic bottle into another single-use, disposable plastic bottle ignores the urgency of finding a sustainable solution to the global problem of plastic pollution.  

At Le Pavé, we go against the grain. We build sustainable eco-construction materials of exceptional quality using ONLY recovered plastic. In doing so, we join the fight to rid our oceans and natural environments of plastic.


Premium up-recycled plastic material

At our studio, it all starts with trash. We take undervalued plastic and transform it into versatile, durable and non-toxic material. One-of-a-kind and full of history, we bring you a product that you can use in you living room, whether for furniture, countertops, wall panels, or flooring.  

Our company brings together a team of French architects, engineers, chemists and environmentalists to launch a new recycling sector. One that re-introduces plastic waste into the value chain, up-cycling to create long lasting products.

1 tonne de plastique recyclé = 1500Kg de CO2 économisés !

An innovative and circular process

At SASMINIMUM, every tonne of recycled plastic captures 1,500 kg of CO2 emissions, diverting it from the atmosphere. 

We belief in social sustainability too. We source our plastic from beach clean-up efforts in countries that lack industrial recycling systems. This creates jobs and diverts waste from the landfill. 

We are creating a circular economy by unlocking the

potential of plastic waste. Our innovative approach creates

an opportunity for clients to lower their carbon footprint.

And do it with style.



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