Frequently Asked Questions


Our product

Where does the plastic in the plates come from?

The recycled plastic comes from France! 


For the manufacture of our plates we use two types of waste:

PIR (post-industrial plastic), for example scraps of material used for cosmetics.
PCR (post-consumer plastic), for example bottle caps.

Where is it made?

Our plates are manufactured in our workshops in Aubervilliers in the Paris region. For the cutting and assembly of the plates, we call on trusted service providers who, over time, have learned to master our material.  

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What colors are available?

We offer 3 textures Collection :

The Floréale : White base with random colored bits from our yellow garbage cans.
The White : White base with transparent and off-white bits.
The Minérale : White base with transparent, black and grey bits.

Can I customize my order?

There are an infinite (or almost infinite) number of combinations. For an additional cost, and for at least 50 plates ordered, you can choose to customize one of the three Collection textures.

How can I get samples?

By clicking here !

Delivery is possible in France and worldwide.

Good to know: the price of the box is deducted at the time of your first order, whatever the amount!



What are the dimensions of our product?

Originally, Le Pavé® is presented in the form of slabs.

They are produced in 1400 x 900 mm dimensions and assembled if necessary.

Our standard thicknesses are 8, 12 and 19 mm.

What is the weight of a plate?

The density of the plates is 0.95 g/cm3. As an example, an 8 mm thick plate weighs about 11 kg.

Does the material get scratched?

The material lives with time and develops a patina. However, if surface roughness appears with use, the material is easily repaired.

As it is a solid material, sanding the surface, like wood, will make it look like new.

Is the material heat resistant?

The material has been tested and is resistant to 120°C. 

Can the material be used outdoors?

Yes, we have performed UV tests and the material is water repellent (water resistant). The material expands with heat differences. It is necessary to be careful with the installation. 

Will the color of the material change?

Resistant to chemical agents and UV, Le Pavé retains its initial color over time.

Is the material staining?

Le Pavé® is guaranteed not to stain and is easy to clean thanks to its smooth finish.

Any maintenance tips?

It is very simple, a simple cleaning with water is enough. For more stubborn dirt, use white vinegar and a micro-fiber cloth. 



What are the possible applications?

Presented in the form of a slab, Le Pavé® has many applications (soap dishes, planters, furniture, worktops, wall coverings…)

Pleasant to the touch and water resistant, it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

For ERP projects (establishment receiving the public), Le Pavé® can be fire resistant (up to M2).

How to process the material?

Le Pavé® can be worked like wood. It can be cut, sanded, drilled, screwed, etc.

For the finishing touches, conventional sanding will smooth the material. 

Outils Le Pavé®

Can I give the material another shape?

Le Pavé® can be worked like wood with all the advantages of thermoplastics. By heating the material you can thermoform the plates. We advise you to contact us for this kind of project so that we can guide you and put you in touch with our approved craftsmen.


Payment and Delivery

What are the rates charged?

The proposed price varies according to the thickness, the quantity and the degree of personalization.

For any order of material, worktop or tray, please contact us, we will answer you within 2 working days maximum.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept bank transfers (SEPA type) and credit card payments.

What are the delivery times?

Upon receipt of the deposit, it takes 8 weeks for your order to be delivered.

You will receive an email at each new step of the process.

What are the means of delivery?

Deliveries are available throughout France and internationally. Prices depend on the weight and size of your order. The price will be indicated on the estimate.