Le Pavé® is perfectly suited for vertical applications. 

It allows you to reintegrate plastic waste in the long term on your wall covering projects, in credenzas or skirting boards.

Mechanically fixed by screwing or using dominoes, or with adapted double-sided tape, it can be applied on your building sites while foreseeing its future recyclability.

Low sensitivity to hygrometry, it can even be used in your outdoor projects. We remain available to accompany you in your project with Le Pavé®!

Montgermont – Bathroom

adidas - Playground of Possibilities

Aurore Wasner – Bathroom

Jean-Christophe Quinton – Bassin

Custom Texture – Kitchen

studioZERO Architecture – Kitchen

Le Pavé® is an ideal material for your countertops, bars or worktops.

Water repellent, resistant to chemicals and non-porous, it is a material that has proven itself against liquid stains. Resistant to temperatures up to 120°C, it can even be used in a kitchen.

Easy to maintain, it allows the long-term reintegration of plastic waste in a kitchen, a bathroom, a bar, a restaurant, or any other establishment welcoming the public.

Its horizontal implementation has proven itself perfectly. We remain available to accompany you in your project with Le Pavé® !

Chassignol – Bathroom

FGO Barbara

Morning Cléry – Bar

Oh My Cream – Shop

Lucile Vitel – Kitchen

Café Klin

CoBe Architecture

Sonia Rykiel

Le Pavé® is as easy to work with as wood, while retaining the exceptional properties of thermoplastics, its possible applications in furniture and objects are very broad!

Beyond the vertical and horizontal applications possible for large furniture, the material can be used to create design, decorative and unique objects to take advantage of its aesthetic properties.

Both soft and solid, its potential for implementation is wide, and we are regularly surprised by our partners when they realize their projects.

We remain available to study together the feasibility of your ambitions with Le Pavé®!

La Cité Fertile - Diverse Furniture

Gallia - Taphandles

COURT Studio x Trajectoire Studio

Hortense Defrance - T-01 Table

BNP Real Estate - Planters

Centre Pompidou - TIPTOE Stools

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